Ben Zulauf

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DJ and music producer based in Leeds, UK.

Normally a biography would begin with the usual he got piano lessons as a kid, played in the school orchestra, discovered an MC-303 yada yada yada, I think the gist is pretty straight forward, though straight forward would far from the truth for any artist, and in the case of this one, let’s just say it has taken a good time to get just to here, so here is a quick-ish summary.

Born with both Swiss and British heritage, he spent his youth growing up in Singapore and Australia, the later being where he developed his passion for music production and buying synthesizers and drum machines, naturally this would cross over into vinyl collecting and eventually DJ’ing in clubs in Melbourne.

A return to Europe proved to be a fortuitous moment as here things would turn to the more serious and ambitious, landing a residency with club night Shove and playing regularly at clubs such as Dox, Para and La Ruche. In these intimate spaces the first ideas for his record label Hummingbird were born, with sounds spanning from the likes of Andres Bucci, Simon Li, Laurent Charbon, Dan Noel to Akufen, Livio & Roby, Mike Shannon, Jamie Lloyd and Varoslav.

A creative creature by nature, he found himself stopping in Berlin, where his talent for graphic design brought him together with event Sunday Breakfast Zurich and branching in bookings and management with agencies Eklat and 510k Creatives.

Currently based out of the UK, he continues his pursuit with production and spinning his cut on house and techno both locally and abroad.

His music has been released with a slow and steady pace, and being supported by a few in the industry over the years, people such as Barac, Laurent Garnier, Konrad Black, Peace Division, Brothers Vibe, Troy Pearce and Terry Francis.

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