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Roberto Martin (Monoclap) born in Madrid in 1979, he has offered his characteristic musical style to the electronic scenes of Spain and Europe.

In 2009, he began his residence with the Barcelona promoter, FACT. Throughout this period of his musical development in DJ booths worldwide, discovered the sound that most closely suited his personality and style: minimalist, dub, avant-garde and exponential.

At this point, he decided to break out with his own record label publishing around the world, only on vinyl: Monoclap is the name of the label and it is based on an organic and purist style that aims to bring out the most underground side of each artist.

Here we share launchings with such artists as Anthea, Nima Gorji, Jessica Diaz, Losoul, iO Mulen and others.

During 2015, Roberto Martin begin with the first Monoclap showcases across Europe and South America that are sure to strengthen his artistic figure within the underground music scene.

Now a days, after three years working hard with the record label, Roberto decides to create the agency: Monobookings Agency. A different way to represent quality electronic artists and give online marketing support around the world.

In 2018 it will be the year in which both projects converge in the same direction offering quality electronic music.

Monoclap & Monobookings will be the transition between the art, the music and the people around the glove.



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